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Mrs.QIN Boyong, Deputy Auditor General of China, visited SAI Ecuador and attended the SC meeting of INTOSAI WGEA
2017-09-20日   Soure : 【来源:National Cooperation Department】 :

From 7 to 14 May, the CNAO’s 6-people delegation, headed by Mrs. QIN Boyong, the Deputy Auditor General of the CNAO,visited the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Ecuador and went to Washington D.C., USA to attend the 15th Steering Committee meeting of INTOSAI WGEA.

On September 8th, Mrs. QIN met with Dr. Pablo Celi de la Torre, Comptroller General of SAI Ecuador. Under the co-chair of both Dr. Torre and Mrs. QIN, the Chinese delegation made presentations on the taxation audit and environmental audit in China to more than 100 audit officials in their Auditorium. Mrs. QIN also had a working meeting with Deputy Comptroller General Mr. Hugo Perez Mena and his colleagues on Environmental Audit, and learnt the experiences of Citizen Participation of SAI Ecuador.

After the visit in Ecuador, the Chinese delegation went to Washington D.C., USA to attend the 15th meeting of the Steering Committee of the INTOSAI WGEA in which a total of 40 delegates from 17 member SAIs and international organizations attended. The meeting discussed project plans within the 2017-2019 Work Plan of INTOSAI WGEA including research projects, audit guidances, training projects, etc., and other issues related to ISSAI harmonization based on the recent endorsement of the INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncement (IFPP). The Chinese delegation presented their opinions on various projects, and made a work report of ASOSAI WGEA.