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Sun Baohou attends the UN-INTOSAI meeting and visits Argentina [2018-07-31]
HU Zejun attends the 4th Meeting of the Heads of SAIs of SCO Member States and visits Tajikistan and Mongolia [2018-07-17]
Hu Zejun meets with Auditor General of SAI Jamaica [2018-06-22]
Li Xiaozhong visits SAI of Hungary [2018-05-31]
NAO Holds Preliminary Discussion of Theme I of INCOSAI 2019 [2018-05-31]
Qin Boyong attends GALF meeting in Luxembourg [2018-05-21]
Qin Boyong visits SAI of Norway [2018-05-21]
Hu Zejun meets with President of the Board of Audit of Japan [2018-05-08]
Hu Zejun Meets with Controller and Auditor General of Tanzania [2018-04-28]
CNAO hosts the 5th Meeting of INTOSAI WGFMRR in Beijing [2018-04-13]
Auditor General Hu Zejun meets Saudi counterpart [2018-04-13]
China-Pakistan Audit Seminar Opens in Beijing [2018-04-08]
Sun Baohou and Qin Boyong meet delegations from Canada and Brazil respectively [2018-04-08]
7th Seminar on Environmental Auditing held in Thailand [2018-03-06]
Hu Zejun Meets with Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba [2018-02-05]
Auditor General Hu Zejun meets with Deputy Auditor General of Vietnam [2018-01-08]
Deputy Auditor General Zhang Tong visits Peru [2017-12-09]
Deputy Auditor General Qin Boyong met with delegation from the Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea [2017-11-20]
Deputy Auditor General of Tanzania Wendy Massoy visits CNAO [2017-11-20]
Auditor General Ms. HU Zejun attends the 70th meeting of INTOSAI Governing Board [2017-11-17]