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Auditor General Hu Zejun Meets with Laos Delegation [2017-09-28]
Mrs.QIN Boyong, Deputy Auditor General of China, visited SAI Ecuador and attended the SC meeting of INTOSAI WGEA [2017-09-20]
Auditor General Ms. Hu Zejun Reported to the Standing Committee of NPC of the Audit Work on Central Budget Implementation for the Year 2016 [2017-07-05]
CNAO's Deputy Auditor General (Chief Quality Officer) Pays Official Visit to Viet Nam and Cambodia [2017-06-22]
Deputy Auditor General Dr Sun Baohou visits Canada and Brazil [2017-06-21]
Mr.CHEN Chenzhao, Deputy Auditor General of China, visited SAI Sweden and attended the GALF meeting [2017-05-27]
CNAO holds the 1st meeting of INTOSAI Working Group on Big Data (WGBD) [2017-04-28]
Hu Zejun appointed Auditor General of National Audit Office [2017-04-28]
Auditor General Liu Jiayi meets with Pakistani counterpart [2017-03-27]
Ms. QIN Boyong Meets with Russian Delegation [2017-03-27]
Videoconference on Air Pollution Control Audit Held between China and France SAIs [2016-12-22]
CNAO Delegation Attends 23rd Indo-China Audit Seminar and ASOSAI WGEA Meetings in India [2016-11-03]
Mr.CHEN Chenzhao, Deputy Auditor General of China, visited Romanian Court of Accounts [2016-11-03]
Auditor General Mr. LIU Jiayi Meets Thai Guests [2016-09-22]
Auditor General Liu Jiayi addresses the opening of the 3rd CNAO-GAO Audit Seminar [2016-09-09]
Deputy Auditor General Mr. CHEN Chenzhao addresses the opening of the 2016 Meeting of INTOSAI WGPD [2016-09-07]
Deputy Auditor General Chen Chenzhao Attends Opening Ceremony of the Audit Seminar for SAIs along the Belt & Road Routes [2016-09-07]
Liu Jiayi, Auditor General of China and Chairman of INTOSAI's Governing Board, Receiving a Prestigious Award conferred by the Republic of Austria [2016-09-07]
7th China-India Young Auditors' Forum Held in China [2016-09-07]
Deputy Auditor General Mr. Yuan Ye attends Annual Meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit [2016-09-07]