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Hou Kai appointed new Auditor General [2020-07-01]
China-Russia Audit Seminar held Online [2020-07-01]
Auditor General Reports to the Standing Committee of NPC on the Audit Work of Central Budget Implementation for the Year 2019 [2020-06-29]
CNAO’s Response to the COVID-19 [2020-04-16]
China-Vietnam Audit Seminar held in Beijing [2019-12-12]
Ms.QIN Boyong, Deputy Auditor General of China, attended the 49th Special Session of United Nations Board of Auditors [2019-12-06]
Hu Zejun attends the 54th Meeting of ASOSAI Governing Board in Kuwait [2019-10-23]
Hu Zejun attends XXIII INCOSAI in Russia [2019-10-23]
Ms.QIN Boyong visited SAIs of Botswana and South Africa and attended the Sino-Tanzanian Bilateral Seminar [2019-09-16]
Hu Zejun Meets with Chairperson of the Accounts Chamber of the Kyrgyz Republic [2019-09-05]
Hu Zejun Meets with President of Bulgarian National Audit Office [2019-07-19]
Hu Zejun reports to NPC on audit of 2018 central government budget execution [2019-07-05]
Hu Zejun Meets with President of the Romanian Court of Accounts [2019-06-27]
Hu Zejun Meets Auditor General of Cuba [2019-05-08]
6th GALF held in Shanghai [2019-04-17]
Chen Jian attends 2nd Joint Meeting of ASOSAI WGEA in Thailand, visits Vietnam and Bangladesh [2019-02-21]
Audit seminar for Pacific SAIs held in China [2018-11-22]
YUAN Ye addresses the opening of 4th Plenary Meeting and 46th Working Group meeting of ISO/PC 295 Audit Data Collection [2018-11-13]
The 14th ASOSAI Assembly held in Hanoi, Viet Nam [2018-09-30]
Yuan Ye visits Suriname, attends WGVBS meeting in Jamaica [2018-09-29]