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Auditor General Hou Kai Delivered Annual Report
2022-07-01日   Soure : 【来源:International Cooperation Department】 :

Nationwide Audits in 2021 Helped Cut Expenditures

and Recover Losses Totaling over 380 Billion Yuan

Entrusted by the State Council, Hou Kai, Auditor General of the National Audit Office of China (CNAO) , presented the Work Report of the State Council on the Audit of the Central Budget Implementation and Other Fiscal Revenues and Expenditures for the Year 2021 to top legislature on June 21.

The report shows that the audit institutions nationwide audited over 87,000 entities between May 2021 to April 2022, helped to cut expenditures and recover losses worth over 380 billion yuan. By April 2022, the rectifications of the irregularities identified by the audit in 2020 have completed with over 1,520 items of regulations improved and more than 8,300 people held to account.