LIU Jiayi, Auditor General, addresses the IIA 2015 Global Council
Updated: 2015-04-24   

Mr. LIU Jiayi, Auditor General of China and Chairman of the INTOSAI Governing Board, addressed the opening of the IIA 2015 Global Council in Beijing, China on 13th April 2015.

Mr. LIU sang high praise of IIA's efforts in advocating and promoting the profile and influence of the internal audit profession by adhering to the motto of "progress through sharing". He acknowledged the dynamic leadership IIA has provided for over seven decades to the global profession of internal auditing, which has contributed to the sound development of the world economy and society. As IIA is an associate member of INTOSAI, Liu also pay tribute to all internal auditors in his capacity as Chairman of the INTOSAI Governing Board.

Mr. LIU also affirmed the remarkable progress China's internal auditing has made, and shared his views on the future development of IIA China, i.e. to encourage Chinese internal auditors to uphold national laws, advance internal control, promote performance and bring true value to their organizations. He then expressed his wish for the IIA, as a professional association, to play a more proactive and effective role, and explore a development route that better fits the requirements of the internal audit profession and facilitates the wellbeing of the general public, to improve corporate governance through internal auditing.

It is the second IIA Global Council China has ever hosted, the first being the 2002 Global Forum. The 2015 Global Council was attended by 108 top leaders or representatives from institutes of internal auditors around the world.

As of the end of 2014, there are more than 69,600 internal audit bodies and 255,300 internal auditors in China, among whom over 38,000 are Certified Internal Auditors.