The Topic of National Audit and National Governance Becoming the Focus of the Audit Seminar for African Countries ----The Fourth Sino-African Audit Se
Updated: 2011-10-28   

The fourth of the series of the Audit Seminar for African Countries, following the predecessors of 2006, 2008 and 2009, was hosted by the National Audit Office of China (the CNAO) in Beijing and Jiangsu Province of China during the period of October 16-25, 2011.

More than thirty auditors from SAIs of English-speaking countries, including seventeen Auditor-General-level officials, have gathered in China for discussion with top management of the CNAO on various topics of auditing, especially the core issue of the interrelation between audit work of SAIs and governance when it is applied to a nation-state.

A kenote speech titled as National Audit and National Governance was delivered by Mr. LIU Jiayi, Auditor General of China during the seminar. Mr. LIU pointed out that confronted by challenges including globalization, information technology and the diversified needs of the public, it has become a main trend for countries around the world to improve on national governance and attain good governance, so as to live up to the challenges and increase efficiency.

Mr. LIU further explained that national audit is a key aspect of governance at the national level as well as an act of the State to check on powers by powers. He added that by performing its function of checking on powers by powers in accordance with the law, and playing its immunity-building roles, national audit helps deliver various principles and concepts, like accountability, transparency, rule of law, integrity, equity and justice, with the aim to promoting democracy and the rule of law, and safeguarding the national security, thus playing a positive role in improving national governance and achieving sustainable development of the country.

Several Deputy Auditor Generals of the CNAO also joined the discussion on other concerned topics of the seminar, such as the development of auditing, auditing standards and IT audit. Representatives of the SAIs of African countries presented their own experiences and views on real time audit, auditing over public debt and international convergence of auditing standards.

The Sino-African Audit Seminars hosted since 2006, have invited more than 130 participants from SAIs of 40 African countries to come to China. It has functioned as one of the effective channels for China and African countries to improve mutual understanding and increase the sharing of audit experiences and practice.

At the closure of the fourth seminar, both the CNAO and the SAIs of African countries have reaffirmed their continuous interest and commitment to further promote the cooperation and exchanges in the field of capacity-building efforts.