Annual National Audit Conference Held in Beijing
Updated: 2012-01-10   

Liu Jiayi pointed in the speech that we should bear the glorious mission in mind, act as good defender for the public finance and make more contributions to improve national governance

The Annual National Audit Conference was convened in Beijing on 8th January 2012. Over 260 people participated in this conference, including representatives from Audit Office of Chinese People's Liberation Army, local audit offices, all the departments, resident and dispatched audit offices of the National Audit Office of P. R. China (CNAO), and engaged auditors.

Mr. LIU Jiayi, Auditor General of CNAO, delivered the work report titled Strive to Create a New Situation for Scientific Development of Auditing Work by Seizing Opportunities and Riding the Tide. Before his work report, Dr. DONG Dasheng, Deputy Auditor General of CNAO, conveyed the important instructions by Prime Minister WEN Jiabao when he listened to the work reports of CNAO on 29th December 2011.

Mr. LIU made a comprehensive review and summary in his work report on the auditing work in 2011. “The twelfth Five-Year Plan was launched in 2011. From January to November in 2011, over 120,000 units had been audited in China, the increased revenues and reduced expenditures were more than RMB 100 billion, the recovered losses and saved investment were up to RMB 100 billion, clues were transferred in over 1,100 cases, and over 4,500 good and sound rules and regulations had been established.”

Liu Jiayi indicated we must have the overall situation in mind with a wide horizon and grasp the orientation so as to conduct excellent auditing work under the new situations. We shall penetratingly grasp the rule and carry out the scientific audit concept in practice to promote and improve national governance. We shall seize new opportunities in various challenges; make new contributions to promote the economic, social and scientific development. We shall bear the glorious mission in mind and seriously implement new requirements on audit work from the Party, the government and all the circles in the society to fully perform supervision duties of audit work. He emphasized that in the current and future period, we should strive to meet demands of national governance, be brave in exploration and good at innovation, to make efforts to deepen, standardize and improve the audit work.

With regard to general requirements on the auditing work in 2012, Liu Jiayi put forward in his report that audit institutions should stick to the themes of scientific development and change of economic development mode, focus on such concepts as “stabling the growth, controlling the price of commodities, adjusting structures, and improving people’s livelihood, conducting reforms and promoting harmony”, to seriously perform auditing and supervision duties by laws. Auditors should strengthen supervision and restriction on power operation; keep close watch on acute contradictions and risks in the operation of economic society, seriously disclose and investigate the material illegal issues and economic crimes; and insist on analyzing issues and giving suggestions from the perspective of systems, mechanism and rules. Moreover, with focus more on critical breakthrough of difficult and important issues, on exploration and innovation of methods, on construction and development of grass-root infrastructures; audit work should make joint efforts on major issues, quality guarantee and standards promotion, in order to better exert the “immune system” function of auditing work, acting as defender for the public finance and make more contributions to improve national governance.

Liu Jiayi highlighted that the successful conduct of auditing work in 2012 mainly depends on the reinforced overall planning, a clear focus and high efficiency. It’s necessary to identify the point of strength, and try to exert the maximum auditing and supervision functions. Clear focus should be put on auditing of major field and important projects. Besides, scientific arrangements should be realized so as to ensure sound operation of various auditing regulation and provide high-quality products through auditing.

Liu Jiayi put forward that audit institutions should strengthen audit culture development to integrate it with every steps of auditing work. The key points of audit culture development cover several items as carrying forward the core value of auditors, further promoting construction of professional audit team, enhancing construction of audit legalization, vigorously conducting computer auditing, further promoting theoretical researches. Such development will surely provide ideological foundation, intellectual impetus, behavior guidance and personnel support for development of audit work, and lay a solid foundation for scientific development of audit work.