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INTOSAI Working Group on Big Data convenes sixth meeting online [2022-07-26]
BRICS SAIs Seminar on Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Held Online [2022-07-22]
Hou Kai attends the 76th Regular Session of the UN Board of Auditors [2022-07-22]
Auditor General Hou Kai Delivered Annual Report [2022-07-01]
17th China-Japan-Korea Tripartite Working Level Meeting Held Online [2022-06-27]
ASOSAI Holds its 58th Governing Board Meeting Online [2022-06-14]
Hou Kai Attends the 5th Meeting of SCO SAIs [2022-04-02]
Audit-based Oversight Ensures Proper Implementation of Central Policies and Major Projects [2022-03-08]
ASOSAI WGEA Holds the 8th Seminar on Environmental Auditing and Working Meeting [2021-11-01]
China-Vietnam Audit Seminar Held Online [2021-10-15]
Hou Kai Meets Auditor General of Vietnam Tran Sy Thanh via Video Link [2021-08-31]
Hou Kai attends UN Board of Auditors regular session [2021-07-23]
16th China-Japan-Korea Tripartite Working-level Meeting Held Online [2021-07-01]
Auditor General Reported to Top Legislature on the Audit Result of Central Budget Implementation in 2020 [2021-06-21]
The Second Meeting of 2021 China-Russia Audit Seminar held Online [2021-06-18]
State-owned Bank Audit Training Program for SAI Lao Held Online [2021-05-10]
MOU Signed Online Between SAIs of China and Seychelles [2021-03-25]
China-Russia Audit Seminar Held Online [2021-01-22]
Hou Kai attends UN Board of Auditors session [2020-12-04]
The 2020 China-Indonesia Audit Seminar held Online [2020-11-18]